Love or Hate

by ZOD

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The Track is called Love or Hate. The song is pretty much just speaking on Love and Hate from the standpoint on being an artist. The Love and support you get from friends, family and friends. And the Hate from the "Haters" and unsupportive people


Oh yess!! ZOD is good/
Its my job to make sure that is understood/
move to the top where I cant be overlooked/
I dont know how many note-books it took/
got niggas shook/ like here come ZOD/
Spit Gift Raps / Bars like yule logs/
Laser beam got the glock lookin like Rudolph/
Yeah they love when I bust a Rhyme like Wooh-Hah/
Niggas just dont measure up to the ruler/
I can transform anybody to a loser/
Man Im only out here to get respect/
And maybe we can add a couple diamonds to my neck/
And maybe we can cash a couple Million Dollar Checks/
Have the world saying ZOD is GOOD / Oh Yess!!
No this / Niggas hate / Take notice
Now they all on me like my nuts honey-roasted

Some love me / Some hate me
Dont Worry/ None can break me
Some love / Some hate me
Dont Worry / None can break me
Love me / Hate me x8

You can love Love me or Hate me either or/
Prezident ZOD / Watch the eagle soar/
Yeah Z-O-D something you seldom see/
Raw talent / job well done by me
Some dont like it / Sound right to me
Some dont like givin props I see/
Act like Im takin food out they mouth / not me
its enough for him, him, her, them and me
Fat Boy status / All you can eat
I go HAM / niggas want BEEF
This is what you want Bon-appetit
Im a king chillin / Let a Lion be
Megastar ZOD / Yeah thats me
Tryna leave the game wit Phil Jackson rings/
You wouldnt understand / Its a champion thing
if you wanna win betta get on the team!

Some love me / Some hate me
Dont Worry/ None can break me
Some love / Some hate me
Dont Worry / None can break me
Love me / Hate me x8

Some people think that Im great at what I do
I know why you be hatin you just mad it wasnt you
its okay / I feel you / got some hater in me too
but thats okay I show and prove when Im up in the booth/ I dont understand how these labels give away my loot / Yeah, lets take Drake for example / One side says kids nice / no qualms/ flip side/ Fuck him
he aint fuckin wit ZOD/ its nothing personal its for any person thats hot / Well not talking about the immediate fam/ I'll be damn if any nigga think he hotter than I / Spit hot shit / Nigga/ Mouth on Deep Fry/ I flip thru the current list of MC's and its lookin like your checks nigga / weak ta week / cant none of these boys see the Z-O-D / Cant believe these heathans dont believe in me

(love hate monolouge)

Love Me


released July 4, 2011
produced by ZOD da GOD



all rights reserved


ZOD Atlanta, Georgia

Artist Producer from Flint, MI now residing in Atlanta, GA.

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